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All About Biohacking Healing Journey

Biohacking Healing Journey is here to take you to a journey inside of you and way beyond. Heal your mind, body and spirit in a session that combines physical biohacking techniques with powerful energetic healing.  

Our clients constantly report experiences of a complete reboot of their mind and body, releasing old traumas, as well as spiritual and psychedelic journeys to within themselves and beyond.

Biohacking Healing Journey is an holistic experience designed to reboot your nervous system and to turn on your body's natural healing processes.

It is a combination of different physical biohacking methods, natural technologies and energetic healing that leaves you feeling peaceful, enlightened and happy. You’ll listen to an audio track with special suggestions, vibrational healing, and music, to harmonise and heal you, in a sacred biohacking environment specially calibrated to engender natural transformation.

The Journey is a combination of

- special audio track
- brainwave entrainment
- healing crystals
- low frequency vibration
- energetic healing
- acupressure
- grounding
- light therapy



One single (1 hour) Journey: IDR 795k

Two people together: IDR 1 495k

Introductory Offer: 3 Journeys for 750k each, total IDR 2.25 mill.

Try one, then upgrade to the 3 if you wish!

We offer Journey also for bigger groups. Contact us for more info!


We accept cash and credit cards.

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Biohacking Healing Journey

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